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Semantic Shifts

On View May 4, 2018 - May 6, 2018

Opening Reception May 4, 2018 | 6 pm - 9 pm

Curated by Stephanie Edwards of Leto Projects, Semantic Shifts is a pop-up solo exhibition of artworks by Trevor Seymour. Semantic Shifts examines the relationship between our thoughts, associations, and connotations with words and images to create unique meaning. Seymour works in a variety of media, like drawing, sculpture, video, and found objects that juxtapose randomly generated adjectives and images. The resulting artwork shows a lack of control in the artistic process of meaning making. This leaves space for viewers to draw their own conclusions about each juxtaposition by bringing forward their own associations with the artwork. Seymour explains, “I hope to create work that conceptually engages the viewer to question how their experiences influence connections and associations they make in visual media.” Seymour hopes that viewers create their own subtle Semantic Shifts by tailoring their individual definitions of words and objects. 

Leto Projects  is an arts organization based in Denver, CO that offers curated exhibitions, art coaching, and opportunities for professional and creative development for artists. Leto Projects’ offerings are built on three pillars: to make meaningful contributions in the arts community towards a sustainable arts ecosystem in Denver, advocate for artists, and produce dynamic exhibitions. Leto Projects plans to launch in full force with a debut in early 2019 and is currently working on nomadic projects as a form of experimentation to refine its offerings. Stay tuned to watch the full offerings of Leto Projects unfold. Leto Projects was founded by Ryan and Stephanie Edwards.