Memories Unknown: A studio visit with Daniel Granitto

Daniel Granitto, a Colorado native, returned to Denver in 2016 after living and working in Chicago, Illinois for six years where he received his BFA in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working across various scales and media, Daniel’s paintings are meditations on the subtle magic and the quiet wonder that saturates daily life and softly whispers of eternity.

Daniel's work addresses time and the understanding of space through the, often flawed lens of one's own memory. Like a metaphysical-Monet, Daniel works primarily in series to express the spectrum of human experience; analyzing and re-analyzing how one's understanding of a single subject or place may change and broaden with color, focus, light, size, material, and time.

Daniel Granitto

Each work in a series is truly unique. Some feel fast and unforced while others are filled with retrospect and meditation; some dystopian and barren, some more optimistic and full of life. This causes the viewer to re-examine one's own relationship with memory and personal history as less scientific, but rather bound by emotion and spiritual forces. These paintings confront you with a quiet weighted-ness and dare you to look away.

Daniel Granitto in his studio.
"When I paint these places, I tend to think more about how it felt to be there at that time, rather than how I know it actually looked. Stripping these places of their realness is what allows me to escape the precious sentimentality of painting and reckon with larger topics."

Sad Magic | New Works by Daniel Granitto opens at our new location on February 16th! Click to learn more