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Not for the Faint of Art | A Conversation with Cayce Goldberg

Currently standing in the midst of RiNo’s recent onslaught of construction, detour signs, and potholes, Helikon is an oasis for artists of all kinds... And no matter where you might find yourself in the maze of art to explore, you can always expect a welcoming smile and good chat with Cayce, Helikon's joyful and fearless leader.

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Drew Austin talks moving on, vanilla ice cream, and the freedom in not giving a fuck.

News clippings, paint chips, reference images, wire mesh, and just about every drawing material you could imagine, are scattered throughout; revealing Drew Austin's true nature as an artist, one who’s method of making work is constantly in a state of growth and refinement.

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Memories Unknown: A studio visit with Daniel Granitto

Daniel Granitto, a Colorado native, returned to Denver in 2016 after living and working in Chicago, Illinois for six years where he received his BFA in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Working across various scales and media, Daniel’s paintings are meditations on the subtle magic and the quiet wonder that saturates daily life and softly whispers of eternity.

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