America: Season Finale

Written by Kristopher Wright |  


(Denver CO)

Ahh, remember 2008?: Gas prices were soaring and the economy in free fall, Heath Ledger and Christian Bale were battling it out in theaters, the iPhone 3g was the hottest phone on the market, Uggs were the shoe of choice, "bromance" was a trending word, Katy Perry was kissing girls...and liking it, and myspace was still a thing.

Election Day can be a stressful time. Democrats, Republicans, Independents....and lets not forget your crazy uncle's EXTRA passionate Facebook rants. sigh. And so, today, as we exercise our rights and elect new leadership all across our country, lets take this moment to reflect and appreciate just how far we've come in the last 8 years

Today we took a (cringeworthy) stroll down memory lane and compiled a playlist of some of 2008's greatest hits just for you! So dust off those sequin Uggs, break out the Kanye shutter shades, pop that collar, and GO VOTE!

Listen below or via the Spotify app.