A Day at Art Gym | One of Colfax’s best-kept secrets...but not for long



(Denver CO)

A day at the gym is usually my least favorite idea, but put the word “art” in front of it and you suddenly have my interest. That’s why the invitation to spend an evening exploring Art Gym (a new workspace for fabulous & creative weirdos like ourselves) was undeniably exciting.  

We prepared by collecting the projects we wanted to work on, gathering our sketchbooks, inks, screens, squeegees, and paint. Art Gym has dedicated work spaces and equipment for every discipline from painting and drawing, to metalsmithing, performance, digital, sculpture, culinary arts and more, so our options were pretty endless with what we could do in the space.

Since 2015, Art Gym has been a creative force in Denver, existing to help artists make art and keep making art. Founded by Graphic Designer and Artist Vickie Stevinson, Art Gym champions the values of camaraderie, collaboration, and access.

It’s no secret that Denver is becoming quite an expensive place to live. With rent fares soaring all across the city, Art Gym has created a membership program that keeps the needs (and the budget) of the artist in mind. For only one hundred dollars a month, members have access to any of Art Gym’s open workspaces, lounges, and cozy furniture. Members also get tons of perks like Art Gym swag, juried members-only shows at the Art Gym Gallery, a private locker, discounts at the Art Gym Café, wifi, and...wait for it…..FREE COFFEE!

But don’t be fooled, Art Gym is more than just a cool, affordable space with specialized equipment and endless caffeine. It’s also crossroads of like-minded professionals who share a passion for art and want to see creativity thrive. That’s why Art Gym also provides opportunities for member-to-member mentoring, workshops, and beautifully curated exhibitions!

While we were there, we felt like kids in a candy store. We sketched out new ideas at the dry media desk space, printed out stencils upstairs at the large format printing station, got messy in the screen printing lab, and finally, took some time to stretch and meditate in the dance studio.

As this space approaches its third year of operation, Art Gym remains one of Colfax’s best-kept secrets...but not for long. With new opportunities to connect with other artists, new mediums to explore, and access to the best equipment at a fraction of the cost, Art Gym is a no-brainer and a worthy investment for artists looking to take their creativity to the next level.

See you there!

'Art Gym is an environment where seasoned and emerging artists from different backgrounds can connect, develop ideas, and be inspired by the creative energy of others working around them.' Click here to learn more