Mythos: In The Beginning

Helikon Gallery presents, Mythos, a group exhibition on the theme of world mythology and cultural story telling.

In Mythos, Helikon has brought together drawing, painting, digital illustration, and more into one beautiful space; bridging the gap between the antique and the modern. For the viewer, Mythos is a dynamic catalyst for the excavation of old truths. For the work itself, Mythos allows histories to converse and divided cultures to confront one another. 

Open until June 26th, stop by to see the creative interplay between deities, mortals, hubris, ego, and...DRAGONS!!! And while you're at it, stop by and say hello to some of the artists in residence at Helikon like John Vogl. Also don't miss "Something about the Ghost-Bear Sorrow-Skin" a solo exhibition by Emily Wilcox