They're in The Walls: A studio visit with Ben Siekierski

Ben Siekierski is a third-year student at the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, where he is currently creating quite the cast of characters. 

Ben's work, inspired by David Lynch, body horror, and Star Wars, has a surrealist narrative begging to be unpacked. His creations combine elements of terror with the innocence of a stuffed animal, allowing the viewer a moment to question their own relationship with childhood, fear, and the unseen. 

Ben Siekierski

Wander into Ben's studio and you'll find scraps of wood, faux fur, and taxidermy goat eyes. The evidence of an illustrator turned sculptor spans a messy desk overflowing with inspiration. It is the perfect home to birth the furry and strange children that create a universe as jovial as it is nightmarish. And though these beasts seem to have spontaneously come into being, Do not be fooled. 

Siekierski's attention to detail is astounding. Each creature, planned out as though it were architecture, each tooth hand made, and nearly each stitch hand sewn. It is because of this mind numbing attention to one's craft, that these beasts become more than the sum of their parts. They  have their own gravity in any space they exist, and they demand your full attention. 

Ben Siekierski in his studio
Ben Siekierski
 "[I] create art that both intrigues the public, whilst making my parents' scratch their heads in confusion"

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