Sacred & Strange: A studio visit with Daisy Patton

Daisy Patton is a traveler.

While growing up somewhere between the bustling energy of Los Angeles and the quiet grasslands of Oklahoma, Daisy fell in love with history, story telling, and immersing herself in the unknown. With a childhood saturated in change, her work challenges viewers to revaluate the people, places, and things that have shaped us into who we are; and it questions the importance of such things as they relate to ourselves and to others.

Daisy Patton
“at heart I am a painter no matter what I do.”

Over time, her practice has evolved and taken many new forms. In both painting and photography, Daisy's early work is filled with control, confrontation, and voyeurism. Whereas now, empathy, patience, understanding, and a curious respect for her subjects has taken hold.

Daisy Patton in her studio
“Color always, always, always has to come first.”

Daisy's paintings are a true monument to her astounding work ethic. Each work seemingly more ambitious, more dense, and more colorful than the last; her latest works tussle with the fears we all share of being lost or forgotten to the vastness of time. Using abandoned family portraits and candid snapshots, Daisy builds shrines so that we, as viewers, may appreciate and get to know the ghosts we were never meant to meet.

Daisy is currently in a two-year artist residency at RedLine, an arts organization focused on community, social justice, and arts education in Denver, Colorado. Click here to learn more about Daisy.