Part of A Complete Breakfast: A studio visit with Ice Cream Philistines

Ice Cream Philistines is an art collective making hyper-colorful, collaborative pieces in the Denver Metro-area.

As avid readers and pop culture connoisseurs, evidenced by epic book shelves in their studio, I.C. Philistines leaves no stone un-turned, and nothing is off-limits. The completely collaborative art collective is "Driven by madness and instinct" creating non-sensical surrealist work. 

Ice Cream Philistines

Their process is undefined, moments of abstraction meet stark outlined characters; moments of meticulous care meet talking bananas. Each piece is denied a vision of the final product, denying perfection, and encouraging exploration. Allowing the work to be everything or just one thing, but at least it's something. 

Ice Cream Philistines
"A con-artist is still an artist, painting the scenery of your dreams and influencing your every decision. Have it your way, but are you really having it your way?"

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