SML 2k18

We can’t believe it’s been a full year since Odessa first moved into Collective SML | k! Looking back on 2018, none of this would have been possible without you. Yes, YOU!

THANK YOU to all our creative collaborators, artists, collectors, curators, writers, photographers, teachers, students, kids (young and old), and every art-lover in between. You make this place home!

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Finding the Right Vessel | A Conversation with Sammy Lee

In our last exhibition of the year, Saving Lions by Killing Them, we turn to two powerhouse artists. (One of which is the best landlord ever!)

Get in the studio with artist, and owner of Collective SML | k, Sammy Lee. A committed creator of space and collector of time, she captures something ghostly in the studio, all while making space for creatives and their businesses in extraordinary ways.

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Meditations on Artist Advocacy, Semantic Shifts & DIY with Leto Projects

‘..Denver has changed quite a bit and continues to change. Moving forward, the question I have is, how can the arts ecosystem adapt to what exists now and brace for future changes in a way that provides opportunities to artists so they can afford to stay in Denver?..’

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A Day at Art Gym | One of Colfax’s best-kept secrets...but not for long

As this space approaches its third year of operation, Art Gym remains one of Colfax’s best-kept secrets...but not for long. With new opportunities to connect with other artists, new mediums to explore, and access to the best equipment at a fraction of the cost, Art Gym is a no-brainer and a worthy investment for artists looking to take their creativity to the next level.

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