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Collective SML | k

As Odessa looks toward its second year in Colorado, Artists, Curators and life partners Corianne Wells and Kristopher Michael Wright are fearlessly reimagining what an art gallery can be! The Nomadic Arts Incubator, which first launched in the Summer of 2016, has grown exponentially; partnering with artists, galleries, and local organizations alike, all with the mission of empowering emerging artists and creating tangible impact in Denver’s flourishing creative community.  

For 2018 Odessa has teamed up with Collective SML | k for their first Curatorial Residency in the Santa Fe Arts District. Part-gallery, Part-studio & part-project space, Corianne and Kristopher want to invite you into their home as they work with artists to investigate new intersections of forward thinking art exhibitions, dynamic storytelling, critical discourse, and community engagement!

‘This year we are so excited to recommit ourselves to this mission of Artistic Empowerment & Creative Impact by collaborating with artists we love to reimagine how an art gallery can better serve and engage with our growing community! Join us at the gallery for regular curated exhibitions, locally made artworks, and events... or visit us online at as we dive deep into the stories of artists making work and making change in Colorado!’ -Kristopher Wright (Executive Director)